What to Pack for a European Trip

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A European getaway can be one of the most exciting travel experiences, especially for a first-timer like myself and Brandon. However, when planning what to pack, things can be super stressful. I do lots of research ahead of time to know the average weather for that month and what the locals are wearing. I try to avoid standing out as a tourist due to safety concerns, but nothing prevents me from staying stylish. 

I always like to go the neutral/solid color route because they’re versatile and timeless. When I look back at my photos 10-20 years from now, I don’t want to regret what I wore in the pictures I took or only wear trendy items. So, I’m happy to share what I’ve put together a list of some of the essential pieces that I’ll be packing for my first Europe trip! Happy travels!

This is a great must have item, it’s fresh, airy, and definitely timeless. You can dress it up with a black silk skirt or if you’re going for the laid-back look you can throw it over a pair of shorts or denim or even some biker shorts!


Whether it’s black or brown leather bag these are definitely essential items as I can be paired with almost any outfit. I picked mine up from a Goodwill store for $1 so any will do, no need to break the wallet! Leather bags elevate the look and provide texture to the outfit. Crossbody bags are easy to wear and probably the most comfortable. I live for crossbody bags however majority of the ones that I wear are more sporty so I suggest you look for something more dressy. I also suggest that you take a crossbody bag when you’re traveling as it’s easier to access your wallet/passport, phone, chapstick, Etc.  Especially when visiting the most tourist locations, please be aware that there are pick-pocketers and often are risky and open bags while wearing them !

The number one rule is to always have a black dress in your closet. For this I have a black dress for every occasion. For this trip I’m traveling with two black clothing items, a flowy long dress that I can wear to a fancy dinner, and a comfortable jumpsuit that I can casually wear while doing touristy activities. Those are two good options if you prefer one or the other.

Pack in a ziplock bag your favorite jewelry and head scarfs. Sunglasses always give me a chic elevated look and it’s definitely a must have when taking pictures! You can bring your Apple iWatch, but consider changing the band to look less casual and more fitting with any outfits. 

Always bring a good pair of comfortable but nice shoes. Europe tends to stray away from the worn in white shoes like we wear in the states. For this I always recommend the oldie but goodie New Balance. Don’t forget to pack one pair or nude or black heels and sandals.

I always pack my fragile items in my carry-on as you never know what the transport will be. I tend to bring travel size items so I can fit more in my cosmetic bag. A great tip is to travel with your brushes in a large zip-lock bag and insert a multi-purpose towel you don’t mind getting dirty to clean your brushes and a travel size brush cleaner spray. I used to travel with a brush carrier but I realized how bulky it can get. Here are some of my must haves for my dry skin type and darker complexion.

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