The Perfect Trip Essentials

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With the amount of travel I do year-round, I have perfected my travel bag with must-have essentials for any category. You definitely can’t say no to these items, whether heavy or light packers. Check out some of the things I packed with me to Spain and Italy using my new BEIS travel items. 

For the most part, I always travel with a rolling carry-on. For me, it’s easier to carry this than a backpack or tote bag because I don’t have to take all the weight on me; I can roll it. My favorite luggage company is BEIS, owned by Shay Mitchell. They are on the pricier side, so I recommend splurging during the holiday sales, but the quality of the luggage and what you get in return is worth the purchase. They always maximize the amount of space and sizing on all bags, so you get your money’s worth; it provides you with plenty of pockets, a flat surface if you need it inside the luggage and a dirty clothes bag. The design is very modern, with a comfy handle.

I also purchased the makeup beauty bag from BEIS. I love this makeup bag because it fits all my travel-size skincare, shower, and hair products. It also comes with a mirror, and just in case any product spills inside the bag, it’s super easy to clean up without damaging the material inside the bag. 

BEIS Cosmetic Case

Because I do a lot of photography and videography, I always ensure that I have an empty memory card that I can install inside my DSLR camera. Nothing is worse when you’re entirely out of memory and cannot take pictures of the most fantastic scenery. I always come prepared to have plenty of storage on my card but most importantly, because I use my camera to take content pictures when I’m traveling, I make sure that either I delete old footage or have it backed up in my computer. I buy all my memory cards on Amazon. 

Speaking of phone storage, not everyone travels with a DSLR camera like me. For this, I recommend getting a FlashGo, and a USB for your phone to help clear space. It successfully backs up all your pictures and videos to the drive so you can make some space on your phone. 

DSLR Canon Mark IV Camera
Canon G7X Digital Camera (Fav)
Canon 24-70mm Lens
Flash Go USB Drive

I spend a lot of time on my phone, and my battery drains pretty fast, so it is no question that I travel with a battery bank. I bought mine on Amazon; it came in a two-pack, so Brandon and I can each have one, but this is essential, especially if I’m using my phone to capture quick photos or use it as a GPS. Also, I don’t want to be stranded in another country and not know exactly where to go, so I always pack a battery bank, even if it’s a local trip.

 I know this might not seem necessary, but try to bring a water container that you can always refill anywhere. I hate carrying plastic bottles wherever I go; you’ll be spending money on more water bottles when you can refill them for free. If you’re doing much walking, you must ensure you hydrate yourself, so it’s definitely out of the question to always carry a water container just in case you ever need it. Tip: Pack some hydration packs like LiquidiV! 

One of the biggest tips I can give someone when traveling is to pack a new perfume every trip. We tend to remember certain scents, which will remind us of that memory every time we randomly smell it, whether it’s a year from now or randomly at the mall ten years from now. So I always stick to no more than two travel-size perfumes. So these are the two perfumes that I packed in my Beis bag.

As a beauty enthusiast, I don’t pack lightly. However, regarding my beauty products, over the years, I have learned that I don’t necessarily need everything on this trip. For example, I used a makeup brush organizer with which I used to travel. Still, I realized that it was too bulky and awkwardly sitting in my backpack or in my luggage that I opted out of having these when I could use a Ziploc gallon-size bag to fit my makeup brushes and makeup brush cleaner. Not only do I use Ziploc bags for my makeup brushes, but I also use them for my jewelry(no need for anything fancy). Therefore, I can just put those in the small crevice in a bag, knowing that it won’t take so much space just for some small items.

When traveling internationally, I always double-check the max voltage in every country, saving you so much time and money when you take an item. So, for example, the Dyson Airwrap will not work in the UK because it’s not a UK item, it’s only a US item. It will break your Dyson or burst a fuse. Purchase a voltage converter for those items like a hair dryer or curler that require more voltage. So if I’m traveling domestically in the US, I always bring my Dyson Airwrap. I consider this an essential item because it’s an all-in-one styler. I can blow-dry my hair, and I can style my hair within minutes, and my hair comes out looking and feeling fabulous.


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