The Perfect Shoot in Cannon Beach

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Brandon and I were models for a couples shoot in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Our fantastic photographer @mercedeslouphotographer asked us to join her and her friend from Arizona to shoot for her first time on the Oregon Coast. Thankfully we were blessed with perfect weather; this shoot was in August and forecasted to be in the low 70s, which is warm for this area.
Photo credit: Mercedes Lou

For those that don’t know, my boyfriend Brandon and I have been together since we were high school seniors, totaling 11 years! We met through mutual friends in high school, and fortunately, we were both going to San Francisco State University simultaneously. He was a Marketing major, and I was in Management major. So fast forward, we graduated and walked the stage together at SF Giants stadium, which was a HUGE milestone. In addition to that, my sister walked with us too!

We moved from the Bay Area to the Pacific North West (PNW) in 2018, rented a lovely small home, and finally purchased our new home in 2020, right before the pandemic.

Everything is meant to happen at the right time. I’m a considerable spiritualist and trust god in his plans. We are both still young and are very grateful for the life we’ve been given and how we’ve worked hard to be where we are. We have plans regarding growing a family and tying the knot in the near future, but we want to take advantage of our young years and travel before we have kids.

Regardless, everything is meant to happen when it is. We are in no rush and we’re just enjoying life!

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