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One of my biggest insecurities is how big and naturally chested I am and the struggle to find undergarments that fit. Even after losing 50 lbs, my bra size has not decreased, surprisingly. This is because I had a very fast growth spurt after turning 18. While working at Victoria’s Secret at the time, it was super convenient to update my bra size because I could easily get measured and get a new bra every 3-6 months while getting a discount (because of how costly it was!). So what went from a 32C increased to a 34F/E within five years.

Even though I am a ThirdLove partner, I’m genuinely in awe of the wide span of bra sizes; it makes me feel inclusive. Unfortunately, many brands only cover sizes DD and under; I’ve gotten lucky a few times with finding DDD at stores but limited to bra design styles and colors.

In addition, 34DDD was not my size either, causing me to have a spillage on the sides (underarms) and the front of the bra. While choosing a bra with ThirdLove, I used their measuring tips with my fabric tool to correctly measure my chest. I came out between a 34F and 34E, but decided to go with the 24/7® Classic T-Shirt Bra in color Espresso, size 34F, since I had just lost so much weight but because it seemed that I needed one size bigger than what I already had. After trying it on, I was surprised at how comfortable, breathable, and FULL COVERAGE the bra was. To pair with the Espresso bra, I picked up the Comfort Stretch THong in the same color. The bottoms have a little silicone lining at the top to prevent it from rising up or down, but overall I chose the right size and style, and it was super comfortable!

For any of you ladies that have difficulty finding the right bra size, I strongly recommend ordering a Fabric Measuring Tape on Amazon; it’s one less step than having to go in person to get measured when you can do it at home. Finally, I am now a HUGE fan of ThirdLove undergarments; overall, they surprised me with the fitting and size of the bra. After so many years of struggling to find the right size, I finally found the right brand that is size inclusive.

Comfort Stretch Thong
24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra
Form Seamless V-Neck Wireless Bra
Form Seamless High Leg Bikini

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