Soft Sultry Eyes & Wavy Curls

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I wore this look on Black Friday! I wanted to do a soft sultry eyes & wavy hair. I will go in-dept on the product I used for my hair soon as well as the how to so stay tuned!

Makeup details down below: 

Eyebrows: Mac Cork eyeshadow HERE

Eyeshadow Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion HERE

Eyeshadows: BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette HERE

Eyeliner: NYX Liquid Liner in Matte HERE

Lashes: MAC 48’s (I customize these though, I cut them in between to make them wispy!) HERE

Face Primer: Smashbox HERE 

Foundation: Bobbi Brown Long Wear Finish 4.5 HERE

Concealer: Maybelline Age Rewind (Literally my best friend!) HERE

Powder: MAC Prolonger Pressed Powder in Medium Dark HERE

Blush: Mac Sunbasque & Coppertone HERE 

Highlighter: MAC Soft & Gentle HERE 

Bronzer: MAC Uninterrupted Prolonger Eyeshadow (I think its under as an eyeshadow, they don’t have it online… or at least I wouldn’t find it, so check in your near stores!) 

Lips: Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Pure Hollywood HERE


I always purchase my hair tools from NuMe because one, they are affordable and two they’re high quality. I personally like to use a hair wand over a curling iron. If you are going to an event, I strongly recommend you using a wand just because it’s much more powerful than the curling iron and it’ll make your hair stay curled longer. 

I own both the 25mm & 32mm, you can achieve the same look using both wands though, using the 25mm you’ll get more tighter curls. If you want more softer curls I recommend using a wide comb to brush through the curls to give it a soft wavy effect. Usually second day curls are the best lol, in all honesty second day curls look like what it’ll look like using the 32mm! 


Kevin Murphy Heat Protector: IT’S ALWAYS A MUST TO PROTECT YOUR HAIR FROM DAMAGE! The one I use is from Kevin Murphy it’s called the DAMAGE.MANAGER. HERE

NuMe 32MM Magic Wand: Originally sold for $149.00 but get it for $39.99 by using code DEC39 HERE

Wide Comb: You can use any wide comb! You can purchase this at your nearest drugstore or beauty supply store.  HERE 

Hair Spray: I always recommend at least a little bit of hair spray if you have a long day. This one though is my favorite. Ive used it for years and it’s so natural looking, it’s light weight, and it holds up! I buy it at Ulta 🙂 HERE 

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