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July 28th, 2023 – a date that will forever be etched in our hearts as the day we embarked on a new chapter of our love story. Surrounded by the embrace of our immediate family, we exchanged vows and promised a lifetime of togetherness at the San Francisco Courthouse.
Elopements often carry an air of intimacy and authenticity, and our wedding day was no exception. With the stunning backdrop of the courthouse, we took this monumental step with our loved ones by our side as witnesses to our union.

Our decision to further celebrate at my brother-in-law’s house perfectly encapsulated the essence of our relationship – a blend of close-knit family bonds and cherished friendships. Surrounded by the warmth of our dearest relatives and friends, we shared laughter, stories, and toasts that resonated with the love that had brought us to this day.

What made July 28th even more special was that it marked the beginning of our married life and the continuation of our love story. The date held a profound significance as it coincided with our 12th anniversary.
As we reflect on our wedding day, we’re reminded that it’s not the event’s grandeur, but the sincerity of the love we share that truly matters. Our elopement at the San Francisco Courthouse encapsulated the simplicity and purity of our bond. We are excited to step into the future hand in hand, knowing that this day marked the foundation of a lifetime of love, companionship, and countless cherished moments.

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