Our Engagement

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I’m so excited to share our engagement story, finally! Brandon and I got engaged the weekend of Valentine’s Day, February 18th, in Quincy, Oregon (the Gorge).

Our friends Tim and Miranda had invited us to “celebrate” their wedding anniversary; however, they had no clue that I was picking up on the clues. The week leading to the proposal, I was invited to get my nails done, to which I got a classic french manicure, just to be safe. I was told to “dress to impress” as the winery and restaurant we had reservations to was fancy and high class. Additionally, I was asked to bring my professional camera to snap some pictures of my friends.

It was a four-hour drive, so we woke early to head on the road. I did my hair in the morning and wrapped it in a bonnet to preserve it. On the way there, I did my makeup and wore a classic Ariel Tejeda look.

I could tell Brandon was getting a little nervous as we were getting closer to the Airbnb. Finally, we parked, and I was told to put on my heels and not worry about our luggage. As we walked in, we were greeted by our friend Tim, who was very nonchalant and told us to head to the back while he grabbed something in his room. As I turned the corner, I saw all the rose petals on the ground, candles everywhere, and the fireplace in the backyard was on with a bucket of flowers.

Luckily our friends were there to capture the moment because I completely blacked out, and my adrenaline was through the roof. But I got the ring I’ve always wanted. Huge thank you to my brother-in-law Ryan for custom-designing my ring!

After the proposal, we celebrated with champagne and headed to the winery, where we took pictures. We had reservations for dinner, but the hotel upgraded us to a private room experience. That weekend was a Bridal Expo, and after dinner, the hotel showcased a wedding reception with a DJ and free drinks. So we partied all night long enough that we had to extend our trip an extra day to recover fully.

Besitos, Maritza!

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