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Cold weather is upon us, so it’s time to switch our summer beauty products to colder-weather essentials! Of course, we prepare for fall every season by swapping out our summer fits for warm, cozy fall clothing. But I also need to switch up some of my beauty products and skincare routines. During summer, we need extra SPF, spray mists to keep our skin fresh, etc. Of course, those products work well into the new season; however, I also like to consider products that will help keep my skin moist and glowy when exposed to dry/cold air.
There are several beauty formulas I like to use to keep my skin looking dewy in the colder months, from serums to face masks, hair products, and tools. I’ve rounded up some of my go-to beauty essentials for fall. Take a look!

Comment below any beauty products you swear by and think I should try.

Xx Maritza

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