How to Look Rich AF

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As they say, less is more, and in this post, I’ll show you how to look rich AF on a budget. And by on a budget, I mean by buying less expensive designer pieces. Another thing is to wear fewer colors. You will see in the example below that the looks only have max two-toned colors.

The most expensive item in this outfit is my coat. It’s genuine leather, and I purchased this in Florence, Italy, for literally $150 (with tax, but I got it refunded, so I paid $120!). It’s not from a luxury brand, but I bought it from a small boutique off the streets in Florence, and I’m obsessed! They had two color options, emerald and brown, but I went with brown because it can go with literally anything.

Because this coat fits like a trenchcoat, I closed it all the way and wore nude biker shorts and a bra. I added jewelry and a silk scarf to elevate the look and give it a rich girl vibe. The silk scarf and jewelry are actually from Amazon.

To top off the look, I added some pointed boots to complete the look. I could have gone with heels but adding pointy boots changed the scene a little bit, but you can always switch to heels!

Besitos, Maritza

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