How I’m treating my excessive sweating disorder

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Today I am coming out of a bubble to talk about my diagnosis with excessive armpit sweating (hyperhidrosis). I’ve been dealing with hyperhidrosis since the age of 14 going into High School as a freshman. I always thought that my excessive sweating came from playing competitive soccer, however throughout the years I noticed that my sweating was getting worse from not doing anything active. I have seen a specialized doctor who recommended that I try out medicated deodorant and to consider trying Botox, though at that time I could not afford to get Botox as I was a full-time college student and I was working a part-time job making minimum wage.

I have tried numerous deodorants and none of the women deodorants have helped me at all! I did some research and started using men’s deodorant and it helped temporarily however it wouldn’t stop the sweating fully. Thankfully, I came across Dermadry which is a Canadian company offering a solution for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). 

I found out that individuals who have hyperhidrosis stigma associated with sweating can cause sufferers to feel anxiety and depression. It all makes sense to me because I’ve been dealing with this for years! Reading through Dermary’s blog, I fell upon a blog that spoke about hyperhidrosis and anxiety. They mentioned that in a 2016 study concluded that anxiety was much more prevalent in individuals with hyperhidrosis, in fact “anxiety in patients with hyperhidrosis was 21.3%, in comparison to 7.5% in those without hyperhidrosis.”

I have been using the iontophoresis machine going on for 4 weeks now and have seen drastic results from my armpits. Because my symptoms are more mild-moderate, I use the machine 3 days a week; Monday-Wednesday-Friday. To be honest, in the first week I didn’t pay enough attention to my results because I was so busy. Half way through the second week I was sitting in bed doing a lot of work with the heater on (it was about to snow outside) and I somehow noticed that my armpits were not sweating as usual. I had a Zoom call later in the second week and I always get nervous before a call and I would always sweat before and during the meeting. At the end of the meeting, again I noticed that I wasn’t sweating nearly as much as I normally would. I just finished my third week, and it’s crazy to say that I barely have any sweat coming out of my armpits and I feel more comfortable using clothes that won’t get stained easily. I look forward to seeing the results within 4-6 weeks. 

If you’re interested in my full review and how to use the iontophoresis machine you can watch my recent YouTube video.

Please note that because Dermadry is a Canadian brand, you will need a prescription to ship the medical device to the US. You can actually get the prescription online through them – super easy if you ask me!

Here is my affiliate link if you’re interested in purchasing the device:

Feel free to send me any questions regarding the device and my results so far. I’m happy to help!

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