How I Lost 45lbs.

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My biggest priority for the last two years has been prioritizing my health. I moved out of state four years ago, and my health has worsened. Living in a new state and city, I coped with my anxiety and depression through alcohol and binge eating. At the time, I didn’t worry about weight gain because I was always fit and could maintain my shape. It wasn’t until a couple of years later, during covid, that I started to have edema and other symptoms such as PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Because of this, I was retaining a lot of water weight and gaining weight super fast and unable to lose weight. Within four years of living out of state, I gained a total of 55 lbs, which is a lot since I mentioned that I used to be fit. However, it started to affect my physical ability just being outdoors; I could not walk for a short time without feeling out of breath or my feet swelling up.

When I finally got the courage to meet up with my doctor, he ran a full blood panel lab and found that I had high testosterone levels and slim to no progesterone. All of the other symptoms that I was dealing with were PCOS related, so at that point, I started to look at natural options without medication. I decided to make a lifestyle change since I was at my heaviest (180lbs) and felt uncomfortable under my skin, so I completely cut off alcohol, drank more water, did low-impact workouts, and portioned my meals. I tried to stay as whole foods as possible and less fast food. I realized that my body was storing more carbs, so I switched to a high protein and fat diet, and I could still eat carbs but add a decreased amount. 

After a couple of months of lifestyle change, I felt less bloated and swollen. Still, I couldn’t entirely lose the weight because I was holding back so much of the water weight that I met up with an endocrinologist who then confirmed my PCOS diagnosis and offered me Ozempic. I started at a low dose once a week and didn’t start seeing results until I hit the three-month mark. I had lost about 7 lbs by that time, which was a significant change since I couldn’t even lose 5lbs in six months without the medication. It was so hard to lose weight without the prescription.

I continued with healthier habits and continued taking the Ozempic shots. After a couple of months, we increased the dosage, and have been the same since then (0.5ml). I’m happy to report that in the last five-six months, I have lost 35 lbs, and I feel great and can fit most of my old clothes. 

 I want to state that my goal is not to return to my weight from 4 years ago or be as skinny as I used to be. My goal is to be mentally and physically healthy, and I have already reached that level. I also want to clarify that not everyone is a candidate for Ozempic; I was approved through my insurance as my endocrinologist was able to prove to the insurance that I did have a  PCOS diagnosis, close to being pre-diabetic. The Ozempic helps lower your blood sugar levels and is similar to insulin, so for those who are insulin resistant, this is the medication prescribed to those with diabetes. Fortunately, I am not diabetic; however, if I did not treat my PCOS any sooner, I was on the path to being disposed to diabetes.

I don’t plan on losing more weight, but I’m not opposed to shedding a few more pounds, knowing that when I stop the medication, I will regain some weight.  

Do whatever makes you happy and healthy. I’m not promoting this medication that has helped me lose weight as I have made other drastic differences in my daily life that has also led to losing weight. I decided to go this route as I needed additional help as what I did was not enough to see the results I wanted, and I was a perfect candidate due to my health diagnosis.

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