Favorite All-time Beauty Products

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My make-up/beauty routine is the same every day, except when I go out on the weekends. I love to experiment with new looks from time to time, but for everyday beauty wear, I like to stick with an easy, breezy light-coverage look that’s easy to pull and works well year-round. I’m such a sucker for the warmer seasons – probably because we all get that natural glow from the heat going. So the daily items help achieve a natural sun-kissed regardless of the season. This is my ultimate go-to look and guess what? It’s super low maintenance and easy to achieve. This only works for those who like using low-medium foundation coverage. If you prefer more coverage, I suggest you use what you like!

Below I’m sharing some of my everyday beauty essentials, from my favorite make-up products to hair products, nail polish, skin products, and even perfumes! Keep scrolling through!

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