Easy Way to Elevate a Fall/Winter Look

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My ideal go-to outfit always involves a pair of black jeans, therefore I’m always looking for ways to breathe new life into my denim looks. For a look that’s both polished and comfortable go for a sweatshirt & jeans combination – to instantly elevate your look opt for a low mule. Adding a pair of statement hoop earrings, sleek sunnies and a cute bag to the mix will give your ensemble that extra umph. Wear this perfect look to do errands around the city or to meet friends for an al fresco lunch.

Besitos, Maritza

Dezi Sunglasses
Similar Fossil Purse
Abercrombie Curve Jeans
NYC H&M Sweatshirt
Hightop Converse

#1 Mixing warm and cool tone colors

It adds depth to any look (I know it may sound crazy) but think of it when you’re decorating a room, if you add all grey color or all warm brown furniture, your look might look a little washed out and lost in the design. Adding warmth to a cool toned out balanced out the look (think of the color wheel!).

#2 Accessorizing

Can’t ever go wrong with adding sunglasses to a look even if it’s overcast outside. I usually only wear them for just the picture but any black or tortoise sunglasses will go with any look as they’re timeless styles.

Don’t be scared of layering up! Adding a scarf and beanie may seem like a lot on top of wearing a coat, but overall it will make you look like you put a lot of effort on your outfit. Stick to neutral tones so it can be mix and matched.

Add a purse to your look. For this look, I added some texture so I went with a warm tone red-ish brown leather purse. I actually go this purse from the Goodwill for $2!

#3 Jewelry

Jewelry is actually the biggest rule in any outfit. Even if you are fresh out of the gym, putting on some gold hoops (or studs) and some rings will elevate the look even if it’s very casual.

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