Camera & Lighting

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I have decided to share with you guys what I use to make my pictures look so cool and beautiful! ALL LINKS WILL BE POSTED DOWN BELOW! 🙂 My boyfriend Brandon bought me the Ring Light from Amazon (I’M SO EXCITED) and I swear by it! I got the dimmable version, in my opinion I definitely recommend to get the dimmable option even though it’s a couple bucks more. Though it didn’t come with a softener for the light which makes the light look so harsh. But even without it makes a huge difference. It’s all about lighting!

I made the best decision by investing into a new camera, I bought the Sony a5100. I couldn’t decide whether to purchase the Sony a5100 or Sony a6000, I seriously researched both of these products. In general, they both are the same, however, the Sony a6000 is more for professional use if you’re into photography (Kylie Jenner uses this camera). It comes with an attached flash, but you can insert a bigger flash onto the camera and it’s faster to shoot a picture. The picture quality was the same, though I loved the Sony a5100(the one all makeup gurus use) because it’s a mirror less camera, which means perfect selfies! So of course I bought the Sony a5100 which was a little less and I bought a tripod, it’s such a life savor! Best thing about the camera is that it has WiFi so you no longer need a USB cord to transfer all of your pictures, you can do it all through your phone!

Here is an example with & without the Ring Light:


Click Here for Ring Light

Click Here for Sony a5100

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